dream. achieve. inspire.


What does the NEW YEAR mean to you?  To me, the NEW YEAR brings an opportunity to be BETTER than we were the year prior.  It seems as we get older, each year goes by faster and faster bringing new adventures, new love, and new opportunities.  We cannot start over, BUT we CAN make a new ending.  For some, it means a fresh start, and for others, an opportunity to improve upon the previous year.  Some people do not believe in resolutions.  However, the NEW YEAR does give us the chance to create goals.  To put our DREAMS on paper.  And most importantly, ACHIEVE those goals.  And once you ACHIEVE, how will you INSPIRE others to do the same?  365 days.  365 opportunities.  What do you resolve to do in 2015?  Let’s make it an AMAZING YEAR!


| start each day with a smile | drink more water | professional: finish 2015 as the #1 area in the country | be more positive | be in the moment | blog: craft 3 blog posts per week | expand knowledge [blog + professional] | discover a new country | forgive | take a photography class |  improve networking skills | inspire more | love more | learn more | laugh more |


How awesome was 2014?  Can it get any better in 2015?  YES!!  If what we did yesterday seems big, we haven’t done much today.  THANK YOU for supporting Life Lutzurious over the past 4 months, whether via the blog, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter…you all mean the world to me.  THANK YOU for challenging me to grow, create better content, and continue doing what I love to do.  I wish you MUCH LOVE, JOY, and LAUGHTER in 2015…and RED lips, of course.


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