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Since having a baby, I feel like I have become much more aware of childhood cancer and disease and how it impacts many families right here in Birmingham. There are so many babies and children out there fighting for their lives. I have read gut-wrenching stories about these children but have been SO inspired by the families’ positivity and commitment to their faith. Reading these stories has truly touched my heart.  I can’t imagine what these families are going through but admire their courage and strength! It inspires me to want to do something more.

I am sure I have mentioned it before, but the hubs is on the board of a charity called The Tum Tum Tree Foundation. The sole mission of the foundation is to provide funds focused on improving the lives of children living in Alabama.  Every year we hold a wine event that raises money for the following local charities:

Magic Moments
Kid One Transport
Mitchell’s Place
The Red Barn
Alabama Center for Childhood
Cancer and Blood Disorders
UAB’s Institute for Arts in Medicine (AIM)
Glenwood Autism and Behavioral Health Center
Angel Pillowcases

The event is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!  This year it is a 3-day event, starting next Thursday, November 5th, running through Saturday, November 7th.  Here is a description of the multi-day events:

November 5, 2015
Wine Tasting & Silent Auction
Alys Stephens Center
6 to 8:00 p.m.
$75 per person

THURSDAY (My FAVORITE part of the event)
November 5, 2015
Private Winemaker Dinners
Local Birmingham Restaurants, such as OvenBird, Cafe Dupont, Bottega, Satterfields, Gian Marcos, DG, and FoodBar
8:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m..
$150 per person

November 6, 2015
Dinner & Live Auction
Black tie (optional)
6 p.m.
$200 per person

SATURDAY (This is new for 2015 and sounds AMAZING!)
November 7, 2015
Tailgate party in Tuscaloosa with Chef Chris Hastings prior to Alabama-LSU game
*High bidders win tickets to the game, transportation to and from the game INCLUDED*
Time: TBD
$100 per person for tickets to the tailgate event

The Thursday night events are a LOT of fun. We bring in vintners from Napa and local wine distributors to pour their wines and hold a silent auction. Afterwards, the vintners and winemakers spread across the city to host wine dinners at various restaurants. On Friday night, we hold a live auction (at The Club this year), where guests can bid on some amazing wine lots and trips (see last year’s lots HERE and HERE) and even raise money to fund an Oncology fellow. Each year the event raises over HALF A MILLION dollars for the LOCAL children’s charities. In fact, one year they raised over $700,000, placing this event in the spotlight as one of the top wine auctions around the country. So, not only is the event a blast, it raises a significant amount of money to improve the lives of children here in Alabama. If you are interested in attending one (or all) of the events, please visit the website HERE to purchase tickets online. If you are unable to make the event, please check out the website to receive more information.

This year’s honorary chairs are Fernando Frias from Frias Family Vineyard and Jasmine Hirsch from Hirsch Vineyards.  Both wineries are VERY highly acclaimed, and their wines are delicious.  Here is a list of our past honorary chairs:

1991: Ann and Dick Grace (Grace Family Vineyards)
1992: Rusty Staub (New York restauranteur and philanthropist)
1993: Margrit and Robert Mondavi (Robert Mondavi Winery)
1994: Robin Lail (Lail Vineyards)
1995: Brice Jones (Sonoma Cutrer)
1996: Shari and Garen Staglin (Staglin Family)
1997: Diane and John Livingston (Livingston-Moffett)
1998: Teresa Norton and Tom Paine (Vineyard 29)
1999: Morgan and Jim Clendenen (Au Bon Climat/Cold Heaven)
2000: Micki and David Voisard (former Napa Valley artist and wood craftsman, respectively…now living in southern Arizona)
2001: Michael Honig (Honig Vineyards)
2002: Margaret Duckhorn (Duckhorn Vineyards)
2003: Joe Davis (Arcadian)
2004: Rosalind, Jacques and Jeremy Seysses (Domaine Dujac)
2005: Margie & Kerry Murphy and Janet & Michael Verlander (DuMOL)
2006: Grace and Ken Evenstad (Domaine Serene)
2007: Juelle and Fred Fisher (Fisher Vineyards)
2008: Tom and Susan Curtin (DuMOL and Five Sons)
2009: Ann and Dick Grace (Grace Family Vineyards)
2010: Peter Thompson (Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards)
2011: Beth Nickel (Far Niente, Nickel & Nickel, Dolce, EnRoute)
2012: Anne and Chuck McMinn (Vineyard 29)
2013: Alan Viader (VIADER Vineyards & Winery)
2014: Jim Clendenen (Au Bon Climat)
2015: Jasmine Hirsch (Hirsch Vineyards) and Fernando Frias (Frias Family Vineyard)

If you love wine and food or simply want to contribute to this amazing foundation, I highly recommend you attend next weekend.  Please feel free to email me at lindzlutz@lifelutzurious.com or leave a comment.  I look forward to seeing you all there! Cheers!

Love Always LL

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