Love at First Sight





MUSIC Sophia Urista; Matt O’Ree Band • RESTAURANT Bonito St. Barth

I fell madly in love with St. Barth the first day we arrived. The culture, the fashion, the glamour, and the food: perfection. I was already trying to convince the hubster to stay 1 extra day. He sort of laughed it off…UNTIL our third night. The food at Bonito was out of this world. The view was beautiful and the ambiance hip. We sat next to a beautiful French family…hell every person on this island is beautiful. It was so entertaining to hear them chat about gold chains, dollar signs, and her gangster costume for an upcoming party.  The only reason I knew that is because those were the only words they spoke in English. They were laughing, smoking cigarettes, and drinking white wine. As we finished our meal, the live music started. I watched my husband grin from ear to ear. He was loving every minute of the jam session. As we listened to the music, I took some amazing pictures of the beautiful and extremely talented Sophia Urista. During the set break, I introduced myself. She is literally one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen. Her girlfriend was equally as striking and super cool. We laughed, smoked cigarettes, and drank white wine, completely immersed in the French culture. Once they started back, I hear Sophia say, “where is everyone from?” When I shouted “Alabama,” the band instantly cued up Sweet Home Alabama. As I ran up to get on stage, the whole place was cheering. And Ryan was again in heaven. When I sat back down, he simply said, “let’s stay an extra day.” At that moment, I knew he had fallen head over heels in love with this place. We ended up staying an extra 2 full days.

 Merci Beaucoup-LL

Time to Live Lutzuriously

SHIRT H is for Hustler by Casual Friday (shop) • SHORTS Alexis (shop) • SHOES Pik Boat by Christian Louboutin (sold out) • Necklace Deepa Gurnani (shop) • Bracelets Honesty (shop), Vita Fede (shop) • EARRINGS Vintage Chanel (shop)

Is there a better way to launch a blog than with a trip to St. Barths??? As the hubs and I head to our first stop, San Juan, I can’t help but reflect on the past 4 years. Yes, it’s our 4 year anniversary TODAY. We have had SO much fun traveling the world, eating at fabulous restaurants, laughing, crying, and just living LIFE LUTZURIOUS. I can’t imagine a better partner in crime!

So, why the blog? Fashion, travel, career, food, wine, fitness, and party rockin’ are just a few (ok, a lot) of my favorite things. I have an AMAZE career motivating and inspiring a team of about 60 sales consultants. It’s literally one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.  BUT if you know me, you know I have an itch for all things creative. Whether it’s putting together outfits, creating invitations, designing logos, or planning parties, I LOVE to create. This blog will not only provide me with a creative outlet but most importantly provide my followers with an inspiration for all things LUTZURIOUS! Thank you for taking this journey with me…