Bumpdate: 17 Weeks

Baby Lutzurious Bumpdate

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since my last update!  Time is flying by!  As you can see from the pictures above that was me at 14 weeks (can’t believe I am putting my bare belly on the internet) compared to me now at 17 weeks.  So much has changed, but overall I feel awesome.  Now that the Lutz Bump is in action, look for more ways to #stylethebump.  I am not going to lie, maternity fashion is MUCH harder than I expected.  I am trying to stay true to what I love, but these body changes are making it difficult at times.  I will be starting a Lutz Bump inspiration page on Pinterest, so stay tuned.  But, without further adieu…the updates!

How far along: 17 weeks + 4 days

Cravings: Grapes and apples.  Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Aversions: Any aversions I did have really have disappeared, but I still CANNOT stand the smell, sight, or taste of cooked greens.  SO GROSS.

Diet: So, between weeks 6 and 8, I gave into SOME of my cravings.  But, it honestly made me feel worse.  Since then, I have pretty much stuck to Paleo, and I have never felt better!  I am ALWAYS HUNGRY, but that’s not shocking to those of you that know me.  And of course, I indulge in a cheat meal, (or two!) per week.  Obi, dessert included!

Weight gain: 8 lbs on the dot.  I have ordered my first couple pairs of maternity jeans, but I am still wearing my regular skinnies as long as they are low-rise.  I think I am in between maternity and regular.  TIP: use a rubber band or hair tie to fit into your regular jeans until you are ready for maternity.  Simply pull it through the loop and attach around the button.  Voila!  I am not going to lie…this stage can be a bit awkward.  Am I pregnant or did I eat too much?  It’s a little tough to dress for business, but I am making work.  I am loving the stretchy, fitted dresses with a blazer for work.  Basically my uniform.

Bump watch: In the morning: small bump…At night: holy moly, it’s like a beach ball!

Mood: Mood is great!  Positive, energetic, and loving life!

How do I feel?  Not much has changed.  I really do feel better than I have in years.  I have a lot of energy, haven’t felt nauseous, and am really enjoying being pregnant.  I know, I know…I said the same thing before I got pregnant: WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER ENJOY BEING PREGNANT???  But I have been VERY VERY lucky and am really embracing all the changes!

Body changes: Speaking of changes…I definitely feel like my muscles are smoothing out, BUT I feel stronger than ever.  Of course some days are a bit frustrating, but like I said above, I really am embracing them as much as possible.  It’s SO important to remember that everyone’s body is different, everyone gains weight at a different pace, and everyone feels differently during their pregnancy.  I try to avoid the “you should be gaining x amount of weight” or “your bump should look like this at week 17.”  It just causes unnecessary stress!  Focus on the positives if you can…SUCH AS: super thick, healthy hair; newly formed curves; and smooth, wrinkle-free skin.  Now I know why pregnant people are always “glowing:” your face fills out and the wrinkles disappear.  I am not sure if it is due to my new Ever Skincare regimen or the pregnancy, but my skin feels great!

Workout regimen  Nothing has changed here.  WOD me baby! I am still going strong with Irontribe, modifying where needed. Strong momma=strong baby, right?  I swear working out keeps me energized and gets me through long days at work.  I have become even more addicted than I was before.  Don’t worry, I am taking it easy and not trying PR.  Even though I did beat the hubs in the Irontribe 5K this weekend.  😉

Girl or Boy Prediction: I honestly have NO CLUE!  If I had to bet my life, I guess I would say GIRL.  But really, I am just not sure.  The old wives tales are ALL over the book for me.  I have not been sick, which supposedly indicates a BOY.  However, I am carrying Baby Lutz really high, and that usually points to girl.  The hubs swears (or should I say hopes) for a boy. I am really indifferent at this point.  Of course, I would love a lil mini-me, but boys sure do love their mommas.  I am just praying for a healthy, happy baby!

How will I decorate the nursery without knowing the sex?  You can check out the lutz nest Pinterest page, but the nursery will be uber-modern.  Right now I am debating between grays + wooden accents, gold + whites, or super bright colors.  Regardless, I know there will be a lot of white with some acrylic/lucite accessories.

Well, that’s it for this week!  I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend!  Next update will be next week after our anatomy scan.  Can’t wait!!  PS, we are sill not finding out no matter how much you beg!




How amazing does that dish look?  Those are Buckwheat Blinis with Gravlax, Creme Fraiche, Caviar and Dill.  Are you hungry yet?   Several weeks ago, the hubs and I hosted a vertical wine dinner at our house that focused on Chateau Beaucastel wines from the Southern Rhone region.  We were so happy to host this wonderful event that supported local Alabama charities and The Tum Tum Tree Foundation.  The food+the company+the wine…the event was spectacular!

However, the food stole the show.  Chef Haller Magee truly brought down the house with his seemingly effortless, yet eclectic dishes.  He literally took over our kitchen creating a pop up restaurant of sorts.  Who knew Club Lutzi could be the hottest culinary ticket in town?  One of the crowd favorites was the Braised Short Ribs with Pomegranate Seeds.  I would have never thought to combine these two foods, but WHOA was it divine.  And the presentation was absolutely stunning.  Each dish told its own story, bursting with flavors yet remaining true to its simplicity.  Haller took pride in exactly what he put in each dish, focusing on both local and sustainable ingredients wherever possible.  Each course transitioned flawlessly into the next, pairing perfectly with its corresponding wine.

Most of you have probably heard of Haller.  A graduate of the Culinard, he is the former Executive Chef at Satterfields.  I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting for his next project.  In the meantime, we cannot wait to partner with him for another pop up dinner at our house.  Shoot me an email (lindzlutz@lifelutzurious.com) or leave a comment on this post if you are interested, and I will get you in touch with him.

By the end of the night, everyone was raving about the meal and the FABULOUS wines.  We were already planning our next excuse to bring Haller into our homes to cook.  Words really cannot describe how amazingly well this meal was executed, so I will let the pictures do the talking.  Scroll down for the full menu at the end of the post…Bon Appetite!  Oh, just wait until you see the dessert…SWOON!


menu life lutzurious



chef haller magee











dessert wine-haller


Charcuterie + Cheese Board
Parma Proscuitto, Bresaola, Finocchiona, Humboldt Fog, Manchengo, St. Agur, Quince Membrillo, Fig Almond Cake, Stout Mustard, Pickles
Perfect Margarita + Old Fashioned Craft Cocktail

Amuse Bouche
Buckwheat Blinis with Gravlax, Creme Fraiche, Caviar, and Dill
Bollinger Champagne 

First Course
Pan Roasted Gulf Black Grouper with Bok Choy, Anjou Pear, Pear-Kaffir Leaf Broth
2012 Clos de Papes Blanc

Second Course
Spiced Tea Brined Duck Breast with Cannelloni Bean Ragout, Shaved Fennel, Confit Tomato
1998 + 1999 Beaucastel

Third Course
Braised Beef Shortrib with Butternut Squash Puree, Charred Brussel Sprouts, and Pomegranate Seeds
2000 + 2001 Beaucastel

Banana Carmel Sponge Cake, Hazelnut Chocolate, Pistachio Gelato, Bruleed Banana, Hazelnut Mocha Powder
1977 Fonseca Vintage Port 



SURPRISE!!!!  A new contributor will be joining Life Lutzurious this August…Ryan and I are EXPECTING a BABY!!  I am BEYOND thrilled to finally share this news with all of you.  I am literally in tears as I write this post. I hope you enjoy our fun, hip pregnancy announcement!

Lindsey Lutz Style Blogger from Life Lutzurious wearing nude Haute Hippie dress

So, how did this happen (well, we know how it happened), but was it expected, how am I feeling, are we having a boy or girl?  Well, to sum it up, no it wasn’t completely expected.  It was the perfect late Christmas surprise!  Remember the foodie/shopping extravaganza we took to Atlanta on Christmas (see post here)?  Well, upon our return from Atlanta on Saturday,  I did not feel well AT ALL.  I assumed it was from the over the top eating and didn’t think anything of it.  That night, I finally made it to Christmas dinner with Ryan’s parents a little late and continued to celebrate with his family.  How funny is it now to go back and read my ATL post?  I referenced gaining 10 lbs, eating like a horse, and sleeping in while Ryan shopped.  LET ME REPEAT: sleeping in while Ryan shopped.  It’s crazy that I actually blogged about all the early signs of pregnancy but had no idea.

Anyways, fast forward to Monday.  All day, I felt WEIRD.  By 4 o’clock, I thought I could die from exhaustion.  I really didn’t know what to think.  I was meeting Ryan at the gym at 5:30 and knew I had to take a nap to make it through the WOD.  Now, that was REALLY uncharacteristic of me.  I haven’t taken a weekday nap since well, ever.  Then it dawned on me.  Could I be pregnant?  Oh what the hell.  I’ll just take a test to rule that out.  About 30 minutes and a conference call later, I walked by the test.  Wait, WHAT?  It clearly said PREGNANT.  WHOA.  I had so many thoughts running through my head.  I was beyond thrilled, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  How would I tell Ryan?  Of course, I wanted to do something creative.  Ok, calm down, first things first…buy a test.  I picked up 6 tests and went back home.  Within seconds of administering each of the tests, the word PREGNANT flashed across the screen.  OH EM GEE!!!!!  I was so happy!!  I quickly threw on my gym clothes, grabbed some left over Christmas wrapping paper, and ran up to one of our cute little baby stores in town. I knew EXACTLY what I planned to do.

We had recently purchased the cutest little gown for our nephew.  It was white with little tiger paws.  Basically, it’s a very understated Auburn baby outfit.  Ryan had always loved that little outfit.  So, I wrapped it up with one of the tests and headed to the gym.  How in the world was I going to hide my excitement/nervousness/joy for the next hour?  Well, I made it through the workout (barely) and rushed home.  Ryan started eating his usual post-workout snack, and I stopped him immediately.  “Babe, I have ONE more gift to give you that just came in today.”  I don’t know if y’all remember or not, but we had promised to only buy each other creative Christmas gifts that costed less than $100.  He seemed a little annoyed that I had broken our rule, but he finally started opening it.  I had the camera ready and a huge smile on my face.  “What’s so funny?”  Oh babe, you’ll seeee!!  At first: he was confused.  Then, there was an “OH SHIT”.  Finally, a huge smile formed across his face.  Look how sweet!!


[clearly this photo is not as good as our professional ones taken by Rachel and Noah Ray]

Sooooo fast forward a few weeks.  Everything was very new and exciting.  I wanted to shout our news from the rooftops, but I was also nervous.  Was there REALLY a baby in there?  I really didn’t feel THAT different, and it seemed like an eternity between the 1st and 2nd doctor’s appointments.  SO, I started thinking.  How DO we want to share the news?  We did the bun in the oven trick for our parents and my brother and his wife.  I sent a video to my friends (think confetti and a shirt that says PREGGERS).  For my sales team, we were fortunate enough to be together during our national sales meeting.  I gathered all of us together for a picture.  As I counted down…I said 1, 2, 3… I’M PREGNANT!!!  The picture was so cute of everyone’s reaction.

Prior to telling our close friends and family, I had reached out to Rachel and Noah Ray.  I had been following their work for months and was obsessed with their editorial, fashion-forward style photography.  Their pictures are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but they present a modern, edgy feel.  Just. our. style.  I had no doubt I wanted them to be a part of our announcement.  We had an absolute blast taking the pictures.  It was a rare, 70 degree, sunny day in February, so the backdrop was beautiful.  We brought along the props, and Rachel and Noah scouted the perfect location.  We let them lead the way, and oh did the pictures turn out perfectly!!!  Make sure you scroll all the way to the end…funny story.  I went to Party City to pick up the balloons…and um, they would NOT fit into my car.  Or Ryan’s mom’s SUV…so I rented a U-Haul on the way to the photoshoot!  Rachel and Noah got a kick out of seeing me pull up to the photoshoot driving this damn U-Haul (in true Lindsey fashion), so we HAD to get a picture!

I realize this has been the LONGEST post, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.  Now…onto the good part.  ENJOY the AMAZING pictures by Rachel and Noah Ray Photography.  I CANNOT wait for y’all to take this journey with us.  I am already getting excited to #dressthebump.  I will try to update you guys weekly…my first update is at the end of the post.  Oh, and PS…we are NOT finding out the sex!  You will have to wait until August to see what Baby Lutzurious will be…I already have a feeling.  What do you think?  Boy or girl??

Baby Lutzurious 2

Baby Lutzurious 3

Baby Lutzurious 4

Baby Lutzurious 5

Lindsey Lutz Style Blogger from Life Lutzurious wearing nude Haute Hippie dress and Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee boots

Lindsey Lutz Style Blogger from Life Lutzurious wearing nude Haute Hippie dress

Baby Lutzurious 10

Baby Lutzurious 11

Baby Lutzurious 12

Baby Lutzurious 13

Baby Lutzurious 14

Baby Lutzurious 16

Baby Lutzurious 17

Baby Lutzurious 18

Baby Lutzurious 20

Baby Lutzurious 21

Baby Lutzurious 22

Baby Lutzurious 23

Baby Lutzurious 28

Baby Lutzurious 29

Baby Lutzurious 24

Baby Lutzurious 27

Baby Lutzurious 25

Baby Lutzurious 26

Baby Lutzurius Coming Aug 2015

How far along am I: 14 weeks and 3 days (hello 2nd trimester!)

Cravings: GRAPES!  I will literally do ANYTHING for grapes.

Aversions: Cooked greens.  GROSS!!!!  Everything else is fair game!

Diet: For the most part, I am sticking to Paleo.  I have obviously increased my calories and indulge in dessert once a week. I look forward to that sweet treat every week!

Weight gain: 5-6lbs; still fitting into my skinny jeans, but BARELY.

Bump watch: In the morning-NO bump.  At night: hey bump!

Mood: Normally, the hubs would say I am pretty Negative Nancy.  Now, Positive Polly is in full effect.  My mood is great!

How do I feel?  Honestly, I feel awesome!  Very limited nausea and energy levels are high.  I think my busy work schedule keeps me going.  On Friday nights, I crash.

Workout regimine: WOD me baby!  I am still going strong with Irontribe, modifying where needed.  Strong momma=strong baby, right?

Girl or Boy Prediction: Right now, I think BOY.  Maybe the hubs is wearing off on me.

DRESS Haute Hippie (sold out but cute sequin nude dress here and nude midi dress here…both would pair well with the boots) • BOOTS Stuart Weitzman

EARRINGS Vintage Chanel (great vintage finds here) • BRACELETS Vita Fede and HERE



Oh hi!  I thought the word chocolate would get your attention!  This recipe was not originally on the schedule to post today…until I bit into these delicious bites of goodness.  I have no doubt these will be served in Heaven!  My word they are AMAZING.  Anyways, I highly recommend you go straight to Whole Foods or your pantry, gather the ingredients, and get to baking.  These cookies are not only scrumptious, but they are also super easy.  And by easy, I mean less than 15 minutes total time.  I found this recipe on Pinterest (shocker).  The original recipe is posted here.  My Whole Food Life has some bomb.com recipes, so check it out.  And the best part?  These are VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, and FLOURLESS.  Look, even if you do not care one bit about eating healthy-ish, you MUST make these cookies,  I promise, you will not be disappointed.  Ok, let me know how much you love them.  Hopefully, you are able to save some for dessert tomorrow.  Or have enough batter left over to actually bake the cookies…PS, I added sea salt and a dash of vanilla extract.

Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 10 cookies

The easiest cookie you will ever make. It’s healthy too!


1 cup almond butter (or any other nut butter)
1/4 cup + 1 T maple syrup
1 T cacao powder
1/4 tsp baking powder
Optional add ins: sea salt, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, or shredded coconut


Preheat oven to 350.
In a food processor, combine all ingredients.
Form into balls and place onto a lined baking sheet. (I used a cookie scoop to form my cookies)
Bake for 10 minutes.
Let completely cool before removing from the cookie sheet.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge.
Please make sure the cookies have completely cooled before removing them from the baking sheet. I tried to grab one before they were cooled and it crumbled on me. I didn’t have that issue when they had cooled. These cookies should last a couple weeks in the fridge. You can also freeze them for longer storage. Enjoy!







ENJOY!!!!!   always-LL

PS, if you are interested in the nutritional info, leave me a comment or shoot me an email at lindzlutz@lifelutzurious.com.





Hello dolls!  I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!  Looks like the cold [and maybe some snow] is headed back this way.  Bring. on. spring!  But in the meantime, I have THE PERFECT winter outfit to show y’all.  Everytime I wear this sweater, I get so many compliments.  Not only is it super cute, but it is extremely comfy and very versatile.  It can be dressed down or dressed UP, and it’s perfect this time of year.  Of course, in these pictures I paired it with my favorite leather leggings [that I now own in 3 colors.  OOPS.], my go-to Janessa Leone hat, and a GORG Dannijo statement necklace.  And these boots…I have LIVED in them.




Consider this part 3 of our Atlanta trip. Our first post, OVER IT, detailed a cute outfit featuring over the knee boots.  The second, ATL, was ALL about the food in Atlanta.  And now has me craving the ice cream sandwiches from Miller Union.  Now, the third [and final] installment features all things Helmut Lang.  The gorgeous backdrop, however, is English Village…right here in Mountain Brook.









If you are interested in any of the pieces featured in this post, contact Lauren at the ATL Helmut Lang store in Atlanta [lauren.present@helmutlang.com].  They are AWESOME to work with and are currently running a special-SPEND $250: get a FREE Helmut Lang Tote.  SPEND $500: get a FREE pair of pull up jeans.  Just tell her I sent you.  I have also linked up the other items in the post.  Stay warm this week!

TOP Helmut Lang Cashmere • PANTS Helmut Lang Leather Leggings • BOOTS Helmut Lang Envelope Booties • HAT Janessa Leone Lola • NECKLACE Dannijo [similar HERE] • BAG Oliveve Queenie Clutch