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What does the NEW YEAR mean to you?  To me, the NEW YEAR brings an opportunity to be BETTER than we were the year prior.  It seems as we get older, each year goes by faster and faster bringing new adventures, new love, and new opportunities.  We cannot start over, BUT we CAN make a new ending.  For some, it means a fresh start, and for others, an opportunity to improve upon the previous year.  Some people do not believe in resolutions.  However, the NEW YEAR does give us the chance to create goals.  To put our DREAMS on paper.  And most importantly, ACHIEVE those goals.  And once you ACHIEVE, how will you INSPIRE others to do the same?  365 days.  365 opportunities.  What do you resolve to do in 2015?  Let’s make it an AMAZING YEAR!


| start each day with a smile | drink more water | professional: finish 2015 as the #1 area in the country | be more positive | be in the moment | blog: craft 3 blog posts per week | expand knowledge [blog + professional] | discover a new country | forgive | take a photography class |  improve networking skills | inspire more | love more | learn more | laugh more |


How awesome was 2014?  Can it get any better in 2015?  YES!!  If what we did yesterday seems big, we haven’t done much today.  THANK YOU for supporting Life Lutzurious over the past 4 months, whether via the blog, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter…you all mean the world to me.  THANK YOU for challenging me to grow, create better content, and continue doing what I love to do.  I wish you MUCH LOVE, JOY, and LAUGHTER in 2015…and RED lips, of course.




As this holiday season comes to a close, I am reminiscing about my first party of the season: The Charlie Party.  And oh what a party it was!!  The Charlie Party kicked off the launch of “Charlie,” the latest project by up and coming Birmingham designer, Chad Ellis.  The party was held at BUSTLE in Homewood.  As I walked in, I was floored by the space.  It was hip, inviting, and perfect for the occasion…not to mention adorbs (and that logo!).  Each room featured LOCAL designers displaying their creativity.  Around the room, VERY fashionable guests sipped on craft cocktails made by Noah McCullough, danced, and mingled.  I smiled when taking notice of the plethora of talent in our city.  It was truly amazing!!!



Charlie-Party-LogoPHOTO CRED: yours truly

The “Charlie” room displayed Chad’s beautiful designs of both his bespoke and ready to wear luxury pocket squares.  The clean, crisp white backdrop showcased the elegance of his fashion squares perfectly.  As I walked in, local bloggers, such as Laylon Beauty, and fashion-forward couples sipped on cocktails and talked about all-things fashion.  Speaking of cocktails, I needed one stat.  I made my way back to the bar and was blown away by the creativity of the cocktail selection, which featured a bourbon drink made with a local sorghum.  Die.  As I made my way back to the party, Chad and I just HAD to get a picture in front of the step and repeat.  You guys know how much a I love a step and repeat.  We laughed and posed and celebrated his launch as THE DJ Coco kept the party moving.

Charlie-Party-SquaresPHOTO CRED: yours truly

Mary-Chad-WEBPHOTO CRED: yours truly


Featured in the other rooms were Kate Morris Jewelry, ML Leather, Huckstraps, and Salence Outerwear.  I am seriously obsessed with this vest by Salence.  It’s modern, traditional, and edgy all rolled into one.  The owner, Andy Gathings, was super nice and did a great job showcasing his products.

SalencePHOTO CRED: yours truly

As I made my way out of the party, there was an overwhelming buzz.  The city’s most fashionable were dancing, and the room lit up with talent.  I am telling you now, this city is on to something.  Chad and I discussed the fact that people always say those wanting to get into fashion should live in New York or Atlanta.  I don’t know about that.  We have quite the scene right here in our own backyard.



Charlie-SimplePHOTO CRED: yours truly

Charlie-SquaresPHOTO CRED: yours truly

You can check out Chad’s designs and blog (his men’s gift guide is swoon-worthy) at Charlie Bham.  Only 3 days left until Christmas!!  Need a last minute gift?  I am sure ANY of these local vendors would love to help you find that perfect gift.  Not to mention, my entire outfit is from Manhattan South.  Tis the season!

always, LL

SHIRT Hunter Bell Mimi Crop Top • PANTS Annie Griffin Collection Emmet Pant


GIFT GUIDE: Boys & their TOYS

Good (very late) evening my oh so lutzurious followers!  So far, 12 Days of Lutzurious has hopefully sparked your holiday spirit with The IT Girl Gift Guide, 2 giveaways, and a modern Christmas tree inspiration.  On the 5th Day of Lutzurious, may we present you with the ULTIMATE gift guide for that MAN in your life.  I know, I know…I KNOW what you are thinking.  BUT hell, they wait until the last minute to buy gifts, so this gift guide 9 (really 8) days from Christmas is perfect timing.  Honestly, early if you ask me! [Please tell me you all have Amazon Prime.]  If not, check it out.  It will change your life.

This list is all over the board in regards to price range and personality.  I have even featured 3 stores in Birmingham, so if you live here, support your city and #shoplocal.  I hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed crafting it.  There are some REALLY cool men’s gifts out there.  I am making it SUPER easy for you: links, links with pictures, and my Pinterest board are all at your disposal below.  So, be creative and show that man some love.

9 days and counting…Merry Merry!


1) Salence Arch Jacket • $495

2) S’well Black Stone Large Stainless Steel Bottle • Swell • $50.00

3) Khlip Nail Clippers (aka best nail clippers ever) • $75.00

4) Prospector Co. Burroughs Beard Oil • $28.00

5) Sony RX100 iii • $800 (Men’s Journal ranked this their #1 small camera) 

6) Ben Minkoff Saffiano Jermyn Carryall • Ben Minkoff • $395.00

7) RIPT Skin Systems • $21.95 (If your man works out, these are a MUST.  This system has changed my life!) **Use PROMO code LIFELUTZURIOUS to receive 10% off**

8) Shake: A New Perspective On Cocktails By Eric Prum & Josh Williams • Urban Outfitters • $24.00

9) Sweat Session 1/2 Zip *Silver • Lululemon • $118.00

10) Charlie Bham Pocket Squares • $60.00+ (visit my Instagram HERE for a GIVEAWAY to win a FREE pocket square)

11) W&P Carry-On Cocktail Kit • Sur La Table • $24.00 (shown below and AMAZING)

12) MASON SHAKER Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit • $24.00 (shown  below)

13) SONOS Wireless Subwoofer • $699

14) Ben Minkoff “Indy” Daddy Bag • $225 (SO cool)

Scroll through for more ideas OR visit my PINTEREST board. xoxo

GIFT GUIDE: the it girl.


Tis the season loyal followers!  I am super excited to enter DAY 2 of The 12 Days of Lutzurious.  The next couple of weeks will consist of gift guides, giveaways, holiday inspo, you name it.  What DO you wear to Christmas dinner with your brand new boyfriend’s parents?  Stick around…the 12 days of Lutzurious will have everything you need to make it through the holidays.  Plus I need an excuse to post about any and all things sparkly.  Happy Holidays!

So, today, our gift guide is for that special girl in our life.  And all of these gifts are perfect, even for that IT girl.  We all have one of those friends.  You know, the girl who seems to have EVERYTHING.  What in the WORLD are you supposed to buy her?  She usually purchases what she wants, when she wants it (so jeal, btw), and let’s get real…our gift could never live up to her creativity, until now.  AND the best thing about this list: everything is under $300.  You don’t have to drop a lot of money to look fabulous, and this list proves it.  Now, get to shopping my lutzurious friends!

Zhuu Skull Pouch • $75.00

Frands Headphones • $150.00

Eugenia Kim Lula Headband • $100

MILLY Sequined Pencil Skirt • Milly • $162.00

Deepa Gurnani Floral Crystal Headband • Deepa Gurnani • $195.00

DreamDry Hair Dryer •  $295

Diane von Furstenberg Leopard-Print Calf Hair & Toscana Shearling Earmuffs • Diane von Furstenberg • $168.00

Oliveve Haircalf Queenie Clutch • $150

S’well Bikini 17oz Water Bottle • $35.00

Superga 2095 Haircalf High Top Sneakers •

Rebecca Minkoff Finn Cross Body Clutch • Rebecca Minkoff • $195.00

Sincerely Jules MAS Tee • $49.00

Full list and links can also be found on Pinterest:

Follow Lindsey’s board Gift Guide: The IT Girl on Pinterest.





Muffin Lady.

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Alright guys, in effort to give you awesome, amazing, unique, and delicious content, I am shaking things up a bit.  While the hubs is DEF the chef of the house, I have been known to cook a pretty legit meal from time to time.  SO, I am going to start sharing some of my FAV recipes that I like to make.  Now, as some of you know, I tend to eat mostly (wine counts, right?) Paleo.  However, even if you are not Paleo, I promise you will LOVE these recipes.  Just remember, if you are on a low-fat diet, some of these recipes may not be for you.  Enough with the fluff…let’s get down to business…you can call me Lindsey Crocker.

These blueberry muffins are literally TO DIE.  And on top of that, they are completely LACTOSE-FREE and GLUTEN-FREE.  But one thing they are NOT free of…deliciousness.  This recipe actually comes from the website Crossfit Rebellion.  However, on their site, they are making Paleo Pancakes…and trust me, they are AMAZE.  Pancakes are always a little difficult to make, so I decided to take their amazing pancakes and make them into fluffy muffins.  Who doesn’t love a blueberry muffin?  Also, in their recipe, they use more coconut milk than I do.  Lord knows I could stand to save a few calories over the holidays.  And here we go with the deliciousness!




    1 egg

    1/4 cup canned coconut milk

    1/2 cup almond milk

    1 TBSP LOCAL honey

    2 TBSP coconut oil, melted to a liquid

    1 cup blanched almond flour (BUY HERE)

    3 tsp baking powder (make sure you use baking powder, NOT baking soda)

    1/4 tsp sea salt

    1 or 2 TBSP coconut flour (just enough to thicken your batter to the right consistency)

    1/2 cup-1 cup fresh fruit (or frozen, thawed and well drained) this is a MUST…you could even add in Vegan choc chips.

↓ (scroll down for directions) ↓




PREHEAT the oven to 400 degrees.

Wisk your egg in a medium bowl and then wisk in the next 3 ingredients. Combine your flour and dry ingredients in a seperate small bowl.  Now mix your dry ingredients into the wet until fully combined and most of the lumps are gone. If you are adding fruit fold it in gently. If your mixture seems too thin, add a little more coconut flour 1 TBSP at a time until you get the right consistency.

Scoop mixture into a muffin tin and bake for approx 12-15 min.  SERVE drizzled with a little maple syrup.

DELISH!!!!!!  Now, what are you waiting on?  Go make these little beauties immediately…they are great for breakfast, lunch, AND dessert.  Once you make them, shoot me an email at lindzlutz@lifelutzurious.com.  I would love your feedback!

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