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Ok, guys…this one’s for you!  I absolutely LOVE getting messages from my guy friends about how much Life Lutzurious has helped them shop for the women in their lives.  So…whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not…your wives and girlfriends more than likely do.  And don’t lie…I know most of you have not even thought about it yet [it’s on Saturday, by the way].  Well, we are here to rescue you from a potential disaster.  Remember, Valentine’s Day is ALL ABOUT LOVE.  So, show your beautiful significant other how you feel about her…think all things CREATIVE, INSPIRED, and LOVE.  And running up to Publix on the way to dinner to pick up last minute flowers just won’t cut it.  If you are going to buy flowers, do it the right way.  Go big or go home, right?  No, really…it IS the thought that counts, but actually put SOME thought into it.  Ok, onto what to actually buy.  It can be small, inexpensive, creative, or extravagant.  I will tell you…one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE gifts my hubs ever bought me was a personalized necklace he designed himself.  It is probably too late to get one here by Valentine’s Day, but you could always do a card and flowers and say the real gift is en route.  Just think of something that’s inspirational or sentimental and use those words to personalize a piece of jewelry.  The necklace contained my blog name LUTZURIOUS, written out, using the exact font from my logo.  It was thoughtful, creative, and fairly inexpensive ($150, I think). Here are a couple pictures of the necklace and more ideas to inspire you…

Lutzurious Personalized Necklace Heart Day


Made by Daisy

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Happy Heart Day!



Wowzers.  I can’t believe it has been 16 days since my last post.  Definitely not a good start to my resolutions!  I promise to do better.  Crazy how fast this year is already flying by…hello February!!!  Well, this past weekend, the hubs and I ventured out for quite a nice lil Saturday.  It was absolutely GORG outside…the sun was shining, the air was crisp, and the sky was clear and blue.  It was a perfect winter day.



So, what DO you wear when it’s not freezing, but not warm either?  Layers of course!  I have been so excited to team up with The Mint Julep Boutique.  They have THE cutest knits, including the poncho I am wearing in my photos.  And the best thing about the poncho?  It is super easy to throw on and throw off when it gets warm.  In these pictures I paired it with my FAVORITE leopard button down, denim and PLAID rips, and my newest obsession: my Chloe boots…that were majorly on sale.  And that leopard pouch though…








This outfit is very versatile, cozy, and adorable.  Throw on some red lipstick, and you are ready to go.  Ok, now to the best part…The Mint and I are collaborating to GIVE AWAY a $25 gift card to their online boutique.  Go straight to my Instagram for details.  Enjoy!  SO, how do you like to layer your knits?


PONCHO The Mint Julep Boutique • SHIRT Equipment • JEANS Rag & Bone •




ATL: The food…the shopping…the scene. I love it all. As y’all know, the hubs and I took a little shopaholic’s foodie trip to Atlanta after Christmas. 10 lbs later, I am happy to say the trip was a success. As I mentioned in my last post, the hubs SERIOUSLY has a gift: he can SALE SHOP like it’s his job. He woke up bright and early on December 26th [while I slept in, of course], hit up 2 stores, and saved hundreds of dollars. It really was amazing. Once he finished his spree, he picked me up at the hotel, and we kicked off our eating extravaganza.

Our first stop was St. Cecilia. Oh my…SAINT is right.  As soon as you walk in, you are welcomed by a bright, crisp entrance. The restaurant featured a mix of nautical, southern, and vintage (the gold accents!!!!) decor. The ceilings vaulted as far as you could see, and a vast bar lined the wall behind us.  The bartender crafted pre prohibition-style cocktails, perfect for our late afternoon lunch. Everything she created was fresh, hand-squeezed, and farm-to-bar. As we sat down, the wooden tables cultivated an elegant backdrop, while turquoise serving dishes provided just a touch of whimsical.  In the back was a striking seafood bar, featuring the freshest oysters and fish you could imagine.  Be still my beating heart.  The high ceilings, bright lighting, and mixed metals reminded me a lot of Row 34 in Boston.

On to the important stuff…THE COCKTAIL. I ordered a restaurant-original bourbon drink, while the hubs ordered his usual Margarita: hand-crafted, none of that sour mix business. The drinks BLEW us away. As we navigated our way down the menu with starters, main dishes, and of course, dessert, each dish proved to be unique, flavorful, and delicious. The chef did a nice job marrying old with new, fresh with rich, simple with thoughtful. Each flavor collaborated in a way that was specific to the restaurant’s inspiration: the coasts of Italy, France, and Spain.  With each bite, the hubs and I were immediately taken back to Barcelona.  Don’t miss Ford Fry’s latest masterpiece.








After a full day of shopping, it was time for dinner.  YES!!!!!  We decided to branch out into East Atlanta’s up-and-coming neighborhood: Glenwood Park.  And were we in for a treat!  So, you got tickets?  Tickets to what?  The GUNSHOW of course.  I was ECSTATIC to try this restaurant.  The chef, Kevin Gillespie, was the former chef at Woodfire Grill [and Top Chef contender].  As we hopped out of our Uber, I could faintly hear what sounded like Megadeath playing inside the restaurant.  I thought, wow, this place IS cool.  As we walked in, we felt like we were in East NASHVILLE, not Atlanta.  The crowd was hipster, the music was loud, and the scene was bustling.  We immediately sat down and ordered cocktails. Shocker.  The premise of this restaurant is seriously unique.  Think Catbird Seat in Nashville or Statebird Provisions in San Fran.  Anyways, the waiter, hipster/heavy metal guy, offered us a menu.  HOWEVER, there is no ordering at the Gunshow.  Each chef stops by your table to present their dish.  You either HAPPILY accept or oh so politely, kind of awkwardly decline.  They fully detail the dish, as it sits in front of you, begging you to snag a bite.  If you accept, they check off your menu and walk away.  Honestly, I wanted to try everything they delivered to our table, but the hubs kindly requested that we not gorge ourselves.  Go big or go home, right?  And whoa, did each dish ROCK or what.  With 2 people, must be somewhat choosy.  BUT if there is something you are DYING to have, you better hope it comes early, because it likely won’t make it until the end of the night.  As we wrapped up our meal and chose dessert (to die, btw), Enter Sandman starts blaring across the restaurant.  The atmosphere, the food, the “Kitchen Dudes”…all super cool.  Go now…it lives up to the hype.  But take your appetite.  Oh, and their version of the In-And-Out burger?  SWOON.








For our FINAL meal, we saved the best for last.  Miller Union.  It is our absolute FAV.  This establishment is a TRUE farm-to-table restaurant.  Everything is locally sourced, when possible, super flavorful, and really over the top when it comes to creativity. How can something be so simple, yet so intriguing?  We sat in the middle room, where the sun shined through the open windows.  The atmosphere was light, airy, and the least bit stuffy.  Located in Atlanta’s super hip WEST END, the restaurant boasts a rustic-modern setting, proving once again how beautiful simple can be.  We started out with our typical cocktails: bourbon for me, a marg for the hubs.  They were perfection.  Probably the best bourbon I had all weekend.  We started out with light apps and dove straight into the meal.  I was STUFFED after our 48 hour gorge-fest, so I decided to stay light.  I was craving a cold-crisp.  For those that do not know me, a cold-crisp is perhaps one of the most scrumptious dishes on the planet.  Yes, I know what you are thinking…IT’S A SALAD.  But there are only a few salads that deserve the coveted description of a cold-crisp.  And Miller Union’s does indeed.  It was fresh, local, and oh so perfectly crisp.  Ryan’s mustard-braised rabbit dish literally blew our minds, and our dessert was a PERFECT end to such a fabulous meal.  HOMEMADE. BABY. ICE CREAM. SANDWICHES.  Let me repeat…HOMEMADE. BABY. ICE CREAM. SANDWICHES.

We rarely repeat restaurants, but we make sure to stop into Miller Union each time we visit Atlanta.  Bon appetite!










Are you hungry now or what?  As most of you know, eating good food is probably my favorite thing in the world…self-proclaimed foodie, if you must.  Atlanta is the perfect destination for 2 of my favorite things: food + shopping.  I highly recommend all 3 of these restaurants next time you visit.  We have tried SO many places all around Atlanta.  If you have any questions, leave me comment or shoot me an email: lindzlutz@lifelutzurious.com.  It’s hard to believe this post featured NO fashion, but stay tuned for my next post involving some of my favorite purchases from our weekend in Atlanta.




Over It.

OVER-ITHappy New Year ya’ll!  I hope everyone had a FABULOUS holiday season.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the time at home with the hubs and our families.  Now, it’s back to the real world and time to show 2015 who’s boss.  Don’t get me wrong, 2014 was AMAZE…But, I CANNOT wait to see what this year has in store for us.

On Christmas Day, the hubs and I traveled to the ATL on a MAJ shopping and eating spree [don’t worry, full review coming].  And boy did we end the year in-style, fat, and happy.  Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging all of our finds.  Ryan COMPLETELY revamped his wardrobe, while I snagged some MUST-NEEDED staples.  I am telling you, he seriously has a knack for finding the BEST pieces on sale.  Me on the other hand…not so much.  Let’s just say I slept in, while he hit up the early morning Saks and Neiman’s sales.


Ok, so on to the point of the actual post: OVER THE KNEE BOOTS.  Seriously, I die over these Rachel Zoe boots.  I know what many of you are thinking…over the knee boots can be WAY over the top.  Well, not so fast.  They can be worn casually or dressy, but they are always a showstopper.  For this outfit, I dressed them down with a pair of faux leather leggings, MY FAVORITE ISABEL MARANT SHIRT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, a bad-ass jacket I picked up on sale [also by Isabel Marant], and one of my FAV Christmas gifts: a metallic turban headband by Eugenia Kim. What else is there honestly?  The gold toe on the boots provides JUST enough glam, while the suede material adds a touch of class.  And that fringe bag, though.  I could dedicate an entire post to this fabulous piece. [Another awesome Christmas gift from my “It Girl Gift Guide“]






So, when it comes to boots, frankly, I am just OVER IT…as in OVER THE KNEE.  These Nico boots have become THE ultimate staple in my closet.  I hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend are ready to kick some ass in 2015!!!



Over It Life Lutz Details



TURBAN Eugenia Kim • SHIRT Isabel Marant (60% off!!!!) • PANTS Kova & T (sold out but lot’s of options in widget below) • BOOTS Rachel Zoe Nico (also, similar on sale HERE) • JACKET Isabel Marant (60% off!!!!) • BAG Rebecca Minkoff • SUNNIES Fendi • NECKLACE Native Gem • BRACELETS Vita Fede & Vita Fede, WILL Leather

SHOP more options for the entire look here:

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Julian’ Backpack with Fringe • Rebecca Minkoff • $395.00
Rebecca Minkoff Finn Metallic Fringe Crossbody Bag, Silver • Rebecca Minkoff • $195.00
Rebecca Minkoff Finn Metallic Fringe Crossbody Bag, Rose Gold • Rebecca Minkoff • $195.00
Vita Fede Titan Two Tone Bracelet • Vita Fede • $325.00
Vita Fede Titan Mini Two-Tone Bracelet, Black/Rose Gold • Vita Fede • $275.00
Vita Fede Mini Titan Two Tone Bracelet • Vita Fede • $240.00
Vita Fede Mini Titan Two Tone Bracelet • Vita Fede • $240.00
Vita Fede Mini Titan Bracelet • Vita Fede • $225.00
Vita Fede Titan Bracelet • Vita Fede • $275.00
Rachel Zoe Women’s Nico Over-the-Knee Boot • Rachel Zoe • $745.00
Rachel Zoe ‘Nevana’ Over the Knee Boot (Women) • Rachel Zoe • $372.49
Isabel Marant Étoile Bacuri Moto Jacket • Etoile Isabel Marant • $489.00
Eugenia Kim Lula Metallic Turban Headband • Eugenia Kim • $100.00
Isabel Marant Metallic Snake-Pattern Parma Tunic • Isabel Marant • $239.00

dream. achieve. inspire.


What does the NEW YEAR mean to you?  To me, the NEW YEAR brings an opportunity to be BETTER than we were the year prior.  It seems as we get older, each year goes by faster and faster bringing new adventures, new love, and new opportunities.  We cannot start over, BUT we CAN make a new ending.  For some, it means a fresh start, and for others, an opportunity to improve upon the previous year.  Some people do not believe in resolutions.  However, the NEW YEAR does give us the chance to create goals.  To put our DREAMS on paper.  And most importantly, ACHIEVE those goals.  And once you ACHIEVE, how will you INSPIRE others to do the same?  365 days.  365 opportunities.  What do you resolve to do in 2015?  Let’s make it an AMAZING YEAR!


| start each day with a smile | drink more water | professional: finish 2015 as the #1 area in the country | be more positive | be in the moment | blog: craft 3 blog posts per week | expand knowledge [blog + professional] | discover a new country | forgive | take a photography class |  improve networking skills | inspire more | love more | learn more | laugh more |


How awesome was 2014?  Can it get any better in 2015?  YES!!  If what we did yesterday seems big, we haven’t done much today.  THANK YOU for supporting Life Lutzurious over the past 4 months, whether via the blog, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter…you all mean the world to me.  THANK YOU for challenging me to grow, create better content, and continue doing what I love to do.  I wish you MUCH LOVE, JOY, and LAUGHTER in 2015…and RED lips, of course.