How To LOVE Your Pregnancy: FOOD + FITNESS


This post goes out to all my fellow preggos and future preggos.  Now that I am officially entering the 3rd trimester…WOWZERS…I wanted to provide you with my new series: HOW TO Love Your Pregnancy.  This 5-part series will include healthy eating tips and exercise tidbits, MUST HAVE products to keep you comfortable, answers to my most frequently asked questions, Pregnancy Style 101, AND a survival guide for each trimester!  Keeping things as normal as possible was top priority for me.  And as I look back, pregnancy has been a LOT of fun and something I have truly enjoyed.  Trust me, I was one of those that completely DREADED the day I got pregnant.  BUT, it does not have to be miserable and is something we should all embrace!


Ok, I know a lot of you are going to not like what I have to say here, but it will benefit YOU and YOUR BABY and help you feel great.  Remember, I am not a dietician or doctor.  PLEASE consult your physician or a nutritionist before changing your diet!

1) You are NOT eating for two.  I know, I know.  We have grown up waiting until the day we get pregnant and can eat whatever we want.  I tried this for 2 weeks.  It was MISERABLE.  Yes, it was fun eating food I would normally not eat, but I felt SO SO bad the whole time.  You know those early pregnancy symptoms we all hear about?  Bloating, gas, skin breakouts, weight gain, nausea, exhaustion, etc?  I felt them…for 2 straight weeks.  Week 5-7 had me on the couch, feeling terrible, and dreading the rest of the process.  Then, I had an epiphany: why am I eating like this when I haven’t eaten this way in YEARS?  Y’all my body just couldn’t handle it.  So, I stopped.  I went back to my normal diet, which is Paleo-ish.  I don’t recommend you start a new diet regimen but instead, find [and eat] what works for you.  Make healthy choices, instead of justifying a McDonald’s hamburger for every meal.  I increased my calorie intake (300 calories per day is what the doc recommended) and ate cleanly.  And bam!  I felt normal again!

2) Check your daily nutrient intake.  Y’all, I am NOT a dietician nor do I claim to be, but this is something that is important.  Getting the proper nutrients each day is crucial for you and your baby.  I knew eating Paleo may limit some of the nutrients, so I added in a few things to make sure I was getting enough of the required nutrients.  If you don’t know where to start, reach out to a nutritionist or ask a friend.  There are SO many resources out there to help you.

3) Cravings in moderation.  Yep, I get it.  There are times where you literally cannot live without a chocolate chip cookie.  I have been there.  I urge you not to give into them every time they pop up.  Can you splurge?  Absolutely!  Set boundaries for yourself and only splurge once a week or for special occasions.  Everything in moderation.  My CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT craving was grapes.  Now, I know what you are thinking…shocker, this is a healthy craving.  But honestly, anything that is over-consumed has it’s negative effects.  Grapes have a ton of sugar, so I made sure I was only having 1 serving per day.  YES, go ahead and splurge!!  You deserve it…but limit your splurges, so splurges do not become daily occurrences.

4) Eating Schedule.  Figure out a schedule that works for you.  I found that eating small meals throughout the day helped curb my nausea, but I have heard others say the opposite.  Find what works for YOU and stick to it.

5) Whole foods versus Processed.  Again, I realize this sounds terrible, but it can be a lot of fun, ESPECIALLY in the summer.  Think of all the fresh veggies and delicious fruits you can consume right now!  If you have not been down to Pepper Place, you are missing out.  You can read my post from last year HERE.  There is an abundance of organic fruits and veggies, meats, desserts, fresh flowers, etc.  And the best part?  You can support local farmers, eat seasonally, AND avoid processed foods.  I guest posted on my friend Heather’s FABULOUS blog last month (My Life Well Loved).  The post was all about HOW to EAT SEASONALLY (find it HERE).  I provide some great tips on how to plan your meals and truly eat seasonally.  No matter what eating plan, diet, lifestyle, etc that you follow, they all say to AVOID processed food.  It will honestly change your life.  You know those 2pm slumps you get in?  Or that tired feeling after you had a large meal?  That will go away!  My challenge to you is to visit Pepper Place and try it out for one week.  Let me know how you feel afterwards!  I mean, look at how relish these veggies look…nom nom.



Strong momma, strong baby, right?  It can be VERY tough to exercise in the first trimester.  You are tired, STARVING, and nauseous.  But try to get out there an get moving.  The summer is great time.  Take walks in the park, go for a swim, DO something you enjoy…just get moving.  Even on my tiredest days, I would try to do SOME form of exercise, and every single time, it made me feel a million times better.  Remember, take it easy, watch your heart rate, and make sure you can hold a conversation while exercising.  Even a 10 min walk around the block after dinner will make a world of difference.  Another idea?  Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

I absolutely LOVE any sort of group fitness.  I currently do Irontribe and Orange Theory (when I travel), but there are SO many options out there: Spin, Zumba, Bootcamp, Water Aerobics, YOGA (I MUST start this!), Pure Barre, etc.  You name it.  These types of classes are an awesome way to hold yourself accountable, go at your own pace, and most importantly, HAVE fun.  Most gyms offer free group classes with their membership, so check it out.  As always, check with your doc before starting ANY form of exercise.  Here is an article that The Bump posted TODAY about pregnancy-safe fitness classes: Fast Pass To Fitness: The Best Classes To Take If You’re Pregnant.



Keep in mind, I am about 85% PALEO, so this are just IDEAS.  You may want to incorporate more whole grains if you are not gluten-free.  Also, lentils and beans are excellent sources of protein.  It is VERY important that you get all your nutrients and calories each day, so again, these are just ideas to give you some inspiration.  I LOVE “healthy-ish” desserts on the weekend.  You can find 2 of my favs HERE and HERE.  Also, dark chocolate (aim for 70% or higher) is an EXCELLENT choice.  My fav brands are Alter Ego Dark Blackout (Whole Foods) and THEO Organic 85% Dark Chocolate (Whole Foods).  Very important: make sure you read the ingredients.  If not careful, dark chocolate can go from healthy-ish to down right NOT healthy.  And hell, all you non-preggos can take ideas from this chart as well!  This is pretty much how I ate before pregnancy with smaller portions and less caloric snacks.


[table styles=”hover”] [table_head] [table_row]

[table_header]BREAKFAST[/table_header] [table_header]SNACK[/table_header] [table_header]LUNCH[/table_header] [table_header]SNACK[/table_header] [table_header]DINNER[/table_header] [/table_row] [/table_head] [table_body] [table_row] [table_cell]2 Eggs cooked through
Half an avocado
Blueberries[/table_cell] [table_cell]15 almonds
10 grapes[/table_cell] [table_cell]Grilled chicken salad (use leftover chicken from dinner): quinoa, local greens, carrots, avocado (important for calorie intake), nuts, and snap peas[/table_cell] [table_cell]Hardboiled egg and a banana (if you didn’t have eggs for breakfast)[/table_cell] [table_cell]Rotisserie chicken (Whole Foods makes a “naked” organic chicken or you can get one at Pepper Place and throw it in the crockpot)
Roasted veggies (whatever you find at Pepper Place)
Basmati Rice[/table_cell] [/table_row] [table_row] [table_cell]Frittata (comment if you want my recipe)
Organic Apple Sauce (100% apples…found at whole foods)[/table_cell] [table_cell]Veggies and Hummus (check the label to make sure it contains only whole foods. I LOVE The Hummus People…website HERE)[/table_cell] [table_cell]Leftovers from dinner!!![/table_cell] [table_cell]Greek yogurt, nuts, and fruit (if you eat dairy)[/table_cell] [table_cell]Wild-caught salmon
Roasted potatoes (olive oil, salt, and pepper)
Side Salad with balsamic vinegar
2 pieces of 85% cacao dark chocolate (see suggestions above)[/table_cell] [/table_row] [table_row] [table_cell]Scrambled duck eggs with asparagus, garlic, and mushrooms (again, let me know if you want my recipe)
Local, organic blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries[/table_cell] [table_cell]Apple with Almond butter[/table_cell] [table_cell]Gulf shrimp + avocado (recipe HERE)
Side of basmati rice or quinoa[/table_cell] [table_cell]Veggies and guacamole (homemade if possible)[/table_cell] [table_cell]Lean pork (tenderloin, shoulder cooked in crock pot)
Zucchini noodles (amazing recipe HERE)
Bok choy, kale, onions, garlic, and mushrooms
85% cacao (see suggestions above)[/table_cell] [/table_row] [/table_body] [/table]

HOW-TO-LOVE-your-Pregnancy-HEALTHY-Eating-3I hope some of these meals help give you some ideas.  As I mention in the menu suggestions, leftovers are an AWESOME choice!  You can prepare a lot of meals on Sunday, so you do not have to cook during the week.  Also, give yourself a splurge meal or 2 during the week.  The hubs and I usually go out to dinner on Friday night and out to lunch on Saturday, and it is something I look forward to every week.  By splurging occasionally, you will truly feel better and appreciate it SO much more!  What are some of your favorite HEALTHY things to eat during pregnancy?  I would love to hear from you!

Love Always LL


Last week I had the opportunity to partner with Tesla, The Summit, and Spark & Arrow Creative for an AMAZING day of fashion, fast cars, AND pops!  That’s right…my day began with a delicious treat from Steel City Pops.  That was a definitely a perk of the shoot for this preggo.  Keep reading for my 5 Styling TIPS!


When they approached me about the shoot, I was super excited to not only get to drive the Tesla Model S but also have the honor of styling the shoot.  I immediately reached out to my good friend Brittany at Gus Mayer, and we went to town.  She and I have collaborated in the past when she was at Calypso, and let me tell ya…she rocks!  If you want to shop or pick her brain, go see her at Gus Mayer or call her at 205-870-3300 ext 130.  At first,  I have to admit, I was a little nervous…1) I am pregnant!  Will anything fit me?  Do they even went a preggo in their pictures?  2) Because of my INSANELY travel schedule, we had VERY limited time to get the shoot styled (I am talking a few hours), so it was crucial that we worked efficiently.  This definitely ended up being a positive though…I work much better under pressure. 3) This is TESLA!  The fashion MUST be as HOT as the cars!  I knew we wanted something high-end and striking but also comfortable. Shoes would be super important.






So, how did we style the shoot?  I was thinking of ways to turn this post into a HOW TO, and styling tips came to mind. How often are we faced with a last minute event, job interview, or date night and have NOTHING to wear?  I swear I have no room left in my closet but at the same time, nothing to wear. It’s absurd.

Anyways, here are my tips to style your next date night or fancy event. Or even just a casual day in the park!

1) Make a plan.  This is so crucial!  A goal without a plan is just a wish, right?  Don’t spend too much time or put a lot of detail into this. Simply take 2 minutes to brainstorm the vision of your outfit and must-haves.  For this shoot, I jotted down these thoughts:

  • Fabulous shoes
  • Flowy
  • Caftan
  • Shorts or skirt
  • High end
  • Simple, but striking accessories
  • Gold
  • Local items from the Summit
  • Bright colors

VISION: high fashion + touch of edge + local

2) Be flexible.  Ok, I know this has happened to y’all. You get an idea for an outfit stuck in your head, and nothing else will work.  Try keeping an open mind and be flexible. Let your creativity work FOR you, not against you.  Understand that you may have to make adjustments to your plan or even step out of your comfort zone.

3) Ask for help. Reach out to friends or a sales associate or look to bloggers for help. Communicate your expectations and MUST HAVES for the event and see what they come up with. Brittany and I were completely in sync, and it made the planning process so much easier.

4) Try stuff on and take pictures.  #selfie time!  At the store AND at home. If you are not purchasing anything new, try moving to a different room in your house to get a different perspective. You will be shocked at how different things look outside your usual environment.  Try different sizes as well…don’t be a slave to your usual size. Things look different based on how they fit. Again, this goes back to being flexible. Try on and take pictures AGAIN the next day prior to the event. You will be shocked at how different things look on day 2.

5) Stay TRUE to YOURSELF.  It’s ok to seek out inspiration from others but stay true to your own style.  Trends come and go, but YOU are the only thing that NO ONE else has. I have made this mistake many times. I get caught up on how an outfit looks on someone else and tend to get frustrated that I can’t emulate it.  Be confident and rock YOU!

Thank you to GUS MAYER, THE SUMMIT, and TESLA for a fabulous day of fast cars + hot fashion. By the way, if you’d like to take a spin in this badass car, here’s a link for a spot drive:

Tesla Spot Drive

Also, follow The Summit Birmingham on Instagram for fun facts about the TESLA S.  My outfits and AH-MAZE shoes can all be purchased locally at Gus Mayer.  Follow them on Instagram HERE and their shoes HERE.   I have also linked everything up at the end of the post!

PS, that car is NO JOKE. I am currently trying to convince the hubs to spot drive one. Does anyone have any good negotiating/get what you went tips that I can use? 😉  We can trade styling tips for husband negotiating tips!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  If you have ANY questions or need help styling, feel free to email me at

Unfortunately, I did not receive a free Tesla, but I was compensated for this post.  All opinions and styling are my own.







IN or OUT?  Swimsuit Trends

IN-or-OUT-Swimsuit-TRENDS-SportyWith the Memorial Day holiday upon us, summer is official here!  It’s time to bust out those ‘kinis and head to the pool.  But FIRST, make sure you know which SWIMSUIT TRENDS are IN or OUT.  Being preggo, I have pretty much ordered every swimsuit under the sun.  I have researched, tried on, returned, and purchased a boat load of suits!  So, without further adieu, here are the HOTTEST swimsuit trends for Summer 2015 to give you a little inspiration.  And JUST in time for the holiday weekend.  Don’t plan your BBQ until you shop these looks!  Click on the pictures in the slideshow for shoppable links (baby bump not included).  And remember, the MOST important thing is to feel good about what you are wearing.   Whether your favorite suit is IN or OUT, you want to be comfy and confident.  You know what I always say…if you like to wear sequins to brunch, then by all means, rock those sequins at brunch!  Happy Memorial Day!

[table] [table_head] [table_row] [table_header]IN[/table_header] [table_header]OUT[/table_header] [/table_row] [/table_head] [table_body] [table_row] [table_cell]One-Pieces
Mix + Match
High-Waisted Bottoms
Sporty Tops
Sheer Panels[/table_cell] [table_cell]Excessive Cut-Outs
Uncomfortable fit[/table_cell] [/table_row] [table_row] [table_cell][/table_cell] [table_cell][/table_cell] [/table_row] [/table_body] [/table]
  • IN: ONE PIECES | Photo Cred:
    IN: ONE PIECES | Photo Cred:


IN or OUT? Swimsuits

TOP Mikoh • BOTTOMS Mara Hoffman • HAT Janessa Leone • SUNNIES Illesteva

 IN or OUT? Swimsuits

TOP Mikoh • BOTTOMS Mara Hoffman • HAT Janessa Leone • SUNNIES Illesteva

 IN or OUT Swimsuits

TOP Adidas by Stella McCartney • BOTTOMS Mara Hoffman • SHORTS Rag & Bone • SHOES Rebecca Minkoff •  SHIRT Mara Hoffman

 IN or  OUT?  Swimsuits

TOP Adidas byStella McCartney • BOTTOMS Mara Hoffman • HAT Janessa Leone

 IN or OUT? Swimsuits

SWIMSUIT: Marysia • HAT Janessa Leone • SANDALS Birkenstocks • CAFTAN Cleobella

 IN or OUT? Swimsuits PHOTO CRED: Happily Grey


IN or OUT?  Sewimsuits SWIMSUIT H&M Sporty Swimsuit (only $30!!!)

 IN or OUT?  Sewimsuits

SWIMSUIT Mara Hoffman

SWIMSUIT Flagpole Swim Joellen (SO FAB!!!!)


For my second installment of ROCK THE BUMP (see the first installment HERE), I am featuring a SUMMER MUST HAVE.  What is THE staple every preggo (and NON-preggo) should have in her closet?  THE CAFTAN.   What exactly is a caftan?

The caftan is a magical, elegant, flowing garment made of luscious printed cotton or silk, which instantly transforms the wearier into a truly ethereal creature. (definition credit: xojane)

During my mission to avoid all things maternity for as long as possible, I started purchasing caftans left and right.  You can pair with shorts or jeans, over a body-con dress, or even as a swimsuit cover-up.  Caftans are extremely flattering and can be worn casually or more dressy.  I don’t know about y’all, but being pregnant, I tend to want to cover my arms right now.  Caftans are light enough to do this without sweating to death (you know what I am talking about).

Remember, caftans are perfect for non-preggos too!  Rachel Zoe always looks super-fab in her caftans.  The Zoe Report has some EXCELLENT tips and styling ideas for caftans HERE.

Caftan Styling Ideas (more SHOPPING options at the end of the post) 


Caftans are very versatile, so they can be dressed up easily.  For a fancy affair, choose a bright caftan in luxurious silk, and add gold accessories and strappy metallic heels to complete the look.  PERFECT for an evening wedding or a black tie event!



[photo cred: The Zoe Report]

CAFTAN Ralph Lauren (similar HERE, HERE, or less expensive option HERE) • HEELS Jimmy Choo (similar styles HERE) • BAG Sondra Roberts (similar styles HERE) • NECKLACE Ben Amun (similar styles HERE)


These pictures below were taken in Napa Valley during our trip a couple of weekends ago.  I paired this Free People caftan with jean shorts and my swoon-worthy Chloe gladiators to create a hip, spring/summer outfit.  Add a hat to complete the outfit for a polished, well-put together look.  Janessa Leone is my GO-TO hat line…her hats are TO DIE.









ROCK THE BUMP The Caftan Life Lutzurious

CAFTAN Free People • SHORTS Free People • SUNNIES Sunday Somewhere

HAT Janessa Leone Wright • SHOES Chloe Gladiators 


Widget not in any sidebars

What caftans do you love?  Please share in the comment section!


Love Always LL



Good afternoon dolls!!!  I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!  Who is interested in free skincare products??  UM, I AM!!  I am SUPER excited about the MD Wellness & Aesthetics Re-Branding Party coming up on TUESDAY, MAY 19th.  If you are around, you won’t want to miss it!  This will be a fun, girls night out event with complimentary wine, beer, and hors d’oeuvres.  I will be there live-blogging, along with THE Tracy James from Chic Made Simple, so please join us.

So, what exactly is MD Wellness & Aesthetics?  They focus on 3 core areas to assist clients in achieving an overall sense of well-being. Through medically supervised weight loss, age-management, and aesthetic services they encourage each patient to reach their individual goals. They formulate custom solutions and protocols to fit your lifestyle and budget to insure you are satisfied with your results and service!

At this event,  MD Wellness will be giving away fabulous treatments + products and performing complimentary “mini treatments” on site.  They will have representatives from Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm, Skin Medica, Jan Marini, QuantaShape, QuantaBella, and Eclipse Aesthetics with the MicroPen Elite on hand during the event to answer questions and provide more information about their products.  Oh, and they are offering a FREE B-12 injection if you meet them all!  Ok, how else do we qualify for the free stuff??  First of all, register for the event HERE.  Then, simply show up and have fun!


Where: MD Wellness and Aesthetics
650 Inverness Corners | Birmingham, AL 35242

When: Tuesday, May 19th 5:30-8:00 PM

Who: MD Wellness & Aesthetics

MD Wellness

I can’t wait to see you guys on Tuesday!!


Love Always LL